Who: Bloggers from all over the world

What: An online event starting on October 27th (Make A Difference Day) through November 17th (Family Volunteering Day)

How:  Each day, party goers (bloggers) will blog about a charity, philanthropy, or event that is making the world a better place. They also be encouraged to write about a person who is an inspirational leader in that organization or someone who just believes in helping others. Bloggers can write in their privacy of their own homes or they can invite friends to join them for planned blog parties at a coffee shop, restaurant, or pub.  Check back to see if there is a “live” party happening near you.

Why: Why not?

What’s in it for you:

  • T.V., radio, and print promotion for you and your blog(we’ll provide a press release for you to release in your local market)
  • Exponentially multiply your blog traffic worldwide
  • Campaign will encourage first time readers to post
  • Raise money for your favorite charity through your readers
  • Facilitate making a difference in the world


Can I blog for more than one day? Sure, blog everyday. The more post the merrier!

Do I have to blog about a charity? Some bloggers will be writing about major national charities like March of Dimes, National MS Society, and the Susan B. Koman Foundation. However, you can blog about a group of people in your neighborhood that pick up trash. You can blog about a lady you know who reads to children who are blind. You can blog about the quiet man you see in the park every day who makes sandwiches for homeless people. Anything and everything that inspires you.

What are the rules? There are no rules. We, of course, one this to be a positive event so we’ll be only posting entries that are written in the spirit for which this is intended.

Who will post my entry? There will be a team of volunteer editors who will rotate the responsibility of making sure post are added each day.

How can I help?

- Start telling people. Put a footer at the bottom of your outgoing emails that says you are participating.

- Let organizations know you will be participating. Invite them to respond to your post on the day (or days) that you write

- Let us know if you know someone with a high profile that would be willing to write a post.

- Contact a coffee shop or business in your area that has WiFi. Ask them if they’ll host a “party”

- Start writing. Get your thoughts together now.

- Let us know what else needs to be added here. This was put together by a dreamer for do-ers. The world needs both types.

What will be provided? 

1) A sample press release and ideas on how to get it to right people

2) A logo for you to place on your blog or website as a participant in the party (see home page)3) Sample Q & A to give to the media when you are interviewed

4) Downloadable posters, flyers, and cards to pass out to your friends (though sending them here is the best option).

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